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Easiest Credit Cards to Get with Bad Credit Guaranteed Instant Approvals Within Minutes

When applying for credit cards, there is a credit check. A credit check allows a creditor to look at your credit report and credit score. Depending on your credit score, that will determine whether the creditor can issue credit or not.

There are many credit cards that feature an easy application process for applicants with bad credit. Bad credit credit cards know their applicants will not have perfect credit, so it is just about guaranteed approval. Some of these bad credit credit cards even have a rewards program for their credit card holders. Here we will list some bad credit credit cards with guaranteed approval.

Capital One® Secured MasterCard

This card has a quick, easy application and on the spot approval. This credit card helps build credit with on-time payments that can be seen on your credit report. This credit card is accepted at millions of locations nationwide. The MasterCard logo makes it simple to use anywhere, for any purchase.Managing the credit account is also simple over the phone, online, or through a convenient mobile app. A security deposit of as low as $49 is all that is needed to get started.


  • Possibility of getting access to a higher credit line with by making the first 5 monthly payments on time
  • There is no annual fee with this card
  • Helps build credit by regular reporting to all three credit bureaus

Citi® Secured MasterCard®

This credit card will help you build credit by reporting your on-time payments every month to all three credit bureaus. Keep track of monthly bills with their autopsy feature, online bill pay, and alerts.

There is no annual fee, and although a deposit is required to start, it is different from a prepaid card because with on-time payments your credit score will go up in no time.


  • No annual fee required
  • Credit company reports to all three credit bureaus monthly
  • Accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted, worldwide

OpenSky® Secured Credit Visa® Card

This credit card is a great choice for anyone with bad credit. It is easy to apply within a couple of minutes, and there is no credit check or checking required. The cardholder is able to build credit fast with on-time payments being reported monthly to all their credit bureaus.

They offer extra credit when needed if at any time the cardholder needs a higher credit line, it is simple to apply for and get. They also make sure you have access to the best financial education resources.


  • Lower APR compared to other secured credit cards
  • No credit check
  • Reports made monthly to all three major credit bureaus

There are many choices for people with less than perfect credit to apply and get a credit card. All it takes is knowledge of how to look for these cards and how to complete the application process. Most of them are right online and can be found with a quick internet search. Many of these cards have the option to apply online. Also, most of the applications will give you an answer of approval within no more than 5 minutes. Most of them do require a security deposit, but once approved they will immediately give you the details of what to do next in order to get your credit card in your mailbox. They based the deposit amount of your previous credit history. Some of the deposits are as low as $49 with a credit line of $200, so it is really a case by case basis. Unless you apply you won’t know how much or any details of how to get a credit card like this if you are really interested. We have made a list which makes it easier for you to research a bit more.