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List of Credit Cards that Issue an Instant Card Number Upon Approval – Get Funds in Minutes

Credit cards give solutions when an individual is in need of purchasing or paying for services but is facing the dilemma of cash debit shortage. The cards offer an ideal option for accessing funds within minutes especially when paying for online purchases for either goods or services.

Credit card firms that offer instant card number upon approval, in particular, are advantageous when making instantaneous payments. Before applying for these cards online, ensure that the card issuer allows for instant card number that is used to acquire funds within minutes before receiving the physical card in the mail. Other than how to apply, it is very important to be knowledgeable of the terms and conditions surrounding the application of instant credit-cards.Some these include:

  • Annual Percentage Rate

This refers to the interest the customer will pay if they don’t pay off cards in full. Usually, instant card numbers issued have high-interest rates than when you use physical cards.

  • Open or Closed Loop Cards

Open loop cards can be redeemed almost everywhere while closed-loop cards can be used to shop or pay for goods in specific stores.

  • Credit Status

This is the measure of determining credit card approval after application. It is categorized into low, fair or excellent.Low ranges from a credit score of 580-619, fair covers 620-679 and 700-800 is considered an excellent credit status.

  • Instant Approval Credit Cards

Instant approval of the card number is not guaranteed. It may be immediately approved within 60 seconds or it may go to pending approvals thereby taking slightly longer.

  • Prescreened or Preapproved Credit Cards

These are already approved credit-cards based on client’s credit history. They guarantee issue of instant card numbers upon approval.

Top Credit Cards that Issue Instant Card Numbers upon Approval

  • Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

It is an open loop credit card that offers instant access online. It gives funds in minutes after approval. Benefits derived include cash back incentives of up to $50 Amazon gift, 3% cash back on other Amazon purchases, 2% on restaurants and gas stations and 1% on other purchases. The annual percentage interest rate is between 14.99-22.99%.

The credit card has no annual fee incurred. To acquire this type of card, you need to be on fair to good credit status.

  • Costco Anywhere Visa

when applied for at the store, these cards issue instant card numbers. Clients using this card enjoy the following benefits: 4% cash back for gas purchases of up to $7,000 within the first year, 3% cash back on travel and restaurants expenditures, 2% on all other purchases from Costco and Costco.com and 1% cash back on other purchases. The APR interest is at 16.24-29.99. The charges placed on late payment are at 37% and annual company membership fee of 55$.

  • Final Credit Cards

This credit card specializes in issuing unique card numbers upon approval. It grants access to funds in minutes that are graced with highest technological security. The credit card applies 1% cash back offer on all purchases made. It is an effective card to apply for with low credit score status. It generates interests of 18-50% and has 0% annual fee. Credit cards including American lines and AT&T cards offer funds in minutes for online shopping. They apply cash back incentives and open loop online shopping in all stores.

  • American Express

Amex credit cards issue instant card numbers upon request before they expedite new physical cards. The card’s account number is the same as the number of a mailed card but the 4 digit code is different. This also assures client security and ease of transactions made. Amex cards include – BCE, SPG, platinum, and Hilton. Some of these cards are a closed loop. Credit card companies, which provide instant card numbers, present huge benefits to consumers. Follow online guidelines on how to apply and grab one for yourself to enjoy convenient cashless shopping opportunities.