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Macy’s Credit Card – Open a Macy’s Account Today! Find Out About the Exclusive Rewards & Benefits

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Macy’s is one of the most well-known retail store chains in the United States of America. They have more than 870 stores in 45 states. Not only do they operate Macy’s stores, they also operate Macy’s Backstage, Bloomingdale’s, Bloomingdale’s Outlet, and Blue Mercury franchises as well.

In the year 2015, the fiscal sales of these stores were $27.1 billion. Just like the majority of the retail stores in the world, Macy’s has many credit card choices for their customers as well as the Plenti reward program.

Macy’s Credit Cards

Macy’s offers their customers two options with their credit card, the Macy’s credit card and the Macy’s American Express Card. The Macy’s card can only be used at Macy’s, Macy’s Backstage, and these store websites. It cannot be used at any Bloomingdale’s branded stores. Unlike the Macy’s store card, the Macy’s American Express card can be used at any store where American Express is accepted.

Macy’s customers can either put in an application for their credit card in-store or online and that is the first in the steps to get one of their credit cards. When they put in an application for one of the Macy’s cards, they need to have all of the information that they would typically have to put in an application for any credit card and also needs to know that their credit score is considered when they apply for a Macy’s card. Macy’s customers that want to put in an application for a Macy’s American Express Credit Card can only put in a card application in person at a store (their credit score is considered as part of the application also) and that is how to apply for a Macy’s credit card. Macy’s credit cards have a lot of perks also.

The Perks and Pluses of Macy’s Credit Cards

Macy’s has three different levels of perks and rewards for the people that have one of their credit cards. The level that a customer gets depends on how much that they spend at Macy’s every year. Customers that are on the preferred level spend between $1 and $499 every year. These customers get Star Pass mailings three times a year, surprise savings at the register, and Thanks For Sharing rewards.The Star Pass mailings allow customers to get additional savings on regular or sale priced items on a day that they choose to use this benefit. The Thanks For Sharing rewards program gives customers a ten percent reward on the majority of their purchases and additional points on bonus days. The next benefit level is the Elite level.

The next cardholder benefit level is the Elite level. To get to this level, customers have to spend $500 to $1,199 has to be spent during the year. These cardholders get the same benefits as the Preferred level customers, but instead of three Star Pass mailings, they get six of them every year. They also get additional Thanks For Sharing bonus event and a special gift on the customer’s birthday. The final benefits level is the Premier Elite level. The Premier Elite level customers have to spend over $1,200 a year. They get rewarded with twelve Star Passes every year, two additional bonus Thanks For Sharing perks, and the birthday gift. They also get free shipping when they shop online four times a year and a priority customer service number. After a credit inquiry and being approved to get a Macy’s credit card, customers that apply for one of their cards also get the benefit of saving twenty percent on their purchases for the same day and the day after it, up to one-hundred dollars. All of this information is helpful for those Macy’s customers that need to know how to do the process of steps to put in an application for one of their credit cards.

There are other benefits that come with having a Macy’s American Express credit card. They get the perks of all three spending levels. They also get twice the Plenti points when they use the card at gas stations and supermarkets. However, only the people who are on the Premier Elite level get the additional travel advantages, that gives them travel offers on hotels, cruises, and more.

Who Should Put in an Application for a Macy’s Card?

The ideal applicant for a Macy’s card is someone who regularly shops at Macy’s. Since the minimum amount to spend is one dollar, anyone who shops frequently at their stores would benefit from having one of their cards. As the amount of money that a customer spends goes up, so does their benefit level. If a Macy’s customer needs to use their Macy’s card to shop at other places, they absolutely should put in an application for the Macy’s American Express card. To summarize the benefits of applying for a Macy’s card is:

  • Macy’s is a billion dollar franchise that has stores all throughout America.
  • They have two credit cards: The Macy’s Credit Card and the Macy’s American Express Card.
  • The Macy’s Credit Card can only be used in Macy’s stores and their American Express Card can be used anywhere American Express is accepted.
  • The Macy’s Credit Cards are on their levels that is based on how much a customer spends on a yearly basis.
  • Finally, an ideal Macy’s credit cardholder is someone who regularly shops at Macy’s.

With all of the perks that come with being a Macy’s credit cardholder, getting a Macy’s card is a very good choice.